Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Domain Awareness System and Policing

Big Data helps the NYPD do their job better by using the Domain Awareness System “DAS”. The DAS is a situational awareness tool which companies, as well as cities, can use to exploit the data around them. The DAS has been growing since 2008 and today, police offers are able to get real-time 911 information, all sent to one location. Police officers are able to obtain records and search warrants over their phone and make on site arrests with the help of the DAS. The video below gives an inside look into how the NYPD developed and uses DAS.

Sadly, in todays day in age, DAS technology is necessary. Many American’s live in constant fear of their safety. DAS makes one feel safer knowing that police officers have technology to solve crimes faster, thus protecting civilians in a timelier matter. Shootings and mass casualties are reported on the news far too often. Bringing data from the external environment to one place allows for easier and more effective monitoring and analysis by cops. Subsequently, DAS will reduce the crime in an area where the technology is used to its fullest potential. Due to the protective nature of DAS, this technology should be mandated to all policing agencies across the United States and even in cities over seas with a high crime rate. Having an extensive breadth of data (such as license plate readers, closed circuit TV cameras, a ShotSpotter network with gunshot detectors, chemical sensors and mobile radiation) available at the touch of a button on a smartphone, DAS is useful to cops all over the country. When cops are able to spend less time gathering data but rather have it all at the palm of their fingertips this will lead to a safer society. Police officers will be able to use the massive amounts of data afforded to them through DAS to lessen crime and terrorism. DAS allows cops to utilize the information in real time, rather than having the information be useful only after an incident has already occurred.

While it is important that the NYPD and other protective agencies use and continue to develop this technology, it is not right for every day companies to use this technology. It should be used for the right reasons, which means the safety and well-being of citizens. Using this technology to spy on a rival company and collect data about their competitors is unfair and should not be used in the marketplace as it gives a company an unfair competitive advantage over its rivals. Furthermore, individuals should not have access to this data and technology as it raises questions regarding privacy issues. If the NYPD is collecting data on individuals for the betterment and safety of society that is justifiable, however, when someone chooses to use this data for their own personal gain or malicious intent, it is an invasion of privacy and should not be legal.

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