Friday, October 28, 2016

Attunity Replicate for SAP

On September 28th Attunity announced the release of “Attunity Replicate for SAP,” which is a high-performance data replication software that will deliver SAP data onsite or in the cloud to Big Data Analytics. Most businesses operate using SAP, which is a enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. ERP software allows organizations to manage business operations effectively and efficiently. Attunity is a company that provides information availability software solutions with ease of access, management ability, and the sharing and distribution of data across multiple enterprise platforms and through the cloud. The ability to make business data available for analytics is a growing need in order to “support decisions and analytic processes that improve operations, optimize customer service and enable the company to compete more effectively.” The new solution provides SAP data in “real-time” and in a secure and scalable way to enable customers to replicate data at the business and transaction levels. Attunity Replicate is able to accomplish this through change data capture (CDC), which is a technology that continuously updates targets to allow for real-time insights. Attunity replicate automatically maps the SAP business data to thousands of associated tables. These tables include SAP documents, transactions, and business data, which can now be provided in a more diverse environment through the addition of the cloud platform. SAP had previously not been available on the cloud due to security risks and concerns, but with the new solution, SAP data will be delivered securely to the Cloud using encrypted multi-pathing. By business enterprises having the ability to analyze the data in this way, they will be able to improve operations, capitalize on new customer opportunities and be able to compete more effectively in different markets. The use of the cloud ensures that companies will be able to obtain external access to SAP application data. The ability to utilize the cloud in this way has the potential to allow business enterprises to access data through laptops and possibly even smart phones or tablets. In the changing environment of data and technology, most businesses and consumers are looking to be more mobile and versatile. It is essential to be able to adapt to the world’s changing technologies especially when it comes to the growing need for data. As the business world grows and expands so does its need for accurate data and reliable technology. With the possibility of the wireless smart device application, the cloud feature will allow customers to improve their operations on a day-to-day basis and improve upon ease of access. The new solution will also be able to support all core SAP business applications such as ERP, HR, CRM and the industry-specific solutions. This feature is also beneficial for businesses because it ensures that they will be able to continue using their current SAP systems. This will save businesses both time and money. Attunity replicate for SAP will be extremely beneficial to businesses with all the new features and I believe it will prove to be extremely useful in todays business world.

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