Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Amazon: The Road to Leading the Tech Market

This article from Fortune talks about the new technology that Amazon plans to introduce during its annual tech conference. Amazon Web Services plans to introduce its newer version of PostgreSQL, which is a database used for its cloud customers. This is similar to what Amazon has done in the past with MySQL, but promises this new service will be much easier to manage for the everyday customer. This new product, PostgreSQL would be a great tool for small businesses with little SQL knowledge. One of the things that this article mentions is how this new product compares to its competitors such as Oracle and Microsoft. Amazon’s new product, PostgreSQL offers a less pricey alternative compared to its competition. The pricing of the product in comparison to its competitors lends itself to become the obvious alternative to customers who are browsing for these types of services. By offering a lower price and an easy to use interface for the average customer, Amazon will be well on its way to lead the market of databases for cloud computing. This article also highlights that Amazon has recently been cutting the prices of their products such as QuickSight, which is an analytics product as well as their storage prices. In this regard, Amazon is truly appealing to smaller businesses to take charge of their own business and to utilize their analytical tools in order to do so. One of the new changes that Amazon has done to an existing product of theirs, the Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is to allow customers to delete or add memory or processor cores depending on how much they need. This allows customers more flexibility when choosing their options without being limited to a set, static list of choices that other companies are more prone to doing. What do you think competitors such as Oracle or Microsoft could to slow Amazon down from becoming the market leader? In my opinion, Oracle and Microsoft should both focus on creating a new product that is intuitive and easy to use for small business owners with limited to no SQL background. A lot of the times, people will shy away from these types of services/ products because they feel they will not be able to utilize it in a way that could be truly helpful. But if Oracle and/or Microsoft can create this product and market it in a way that makes the average customer feel they are capable of using it, then they might be able to catch up to Amazon.
            Another thing that Amazon plans to bring up during their annual tech conference this year is the possibility of making the machine learning technology that is behind their product Alexa, more accessible and available to more developers. This is one market space that Amazon fails to lead its competitors such as Microsoft and Google. By doing this, Amazon is allowing other developers the opportunity to create and build off of the technology they have already discovered. Why do you think it is so important for companies such as Amazon to allows developers access to their leading technology?
Source: http://fortune.com/2016/11/22/amazon-cloud-conference/


  1. Amazon has become one of the leaders of the technology, especially when it comes to implementing it into their company. Their focus on technology has not only allowed them to dominate numerous industries, but also to challenge their competitors to push themselves outside their limits. I think Amazon is an incredible company and these new products they are revealing will greatly boost their revenue. Data and programming is a huge focus of companies today and I think because many of them do not have technology teams or people that are qualified with this skill, the basic SQL will help them drastically. Additionally, because they are offering a reasonable price for this product, it will draw the interest of even more companies.
    Amazon does face tough competitors like Oracle, Google and Microsoft, but they still lead them in these products. This is impressive considering Oracle’s focus is on the use of SQL. I think when it comes to developing products, Amazon always thinks about their customers first – what design will be the easiest user interface? How can I best attract the customers to this new product? And what aspects of the software will be most important to the customer? Amazon’s focus on their customers is what puts them over the top and allows them to beat competitors like Oracle and Microsoft. Therefore, I agree with Nikki on the fact that she says Microsoft and Google should develop new products to reach the complexity of Amazon.
    As for the Alexa product Amazon has produced, I do believe it is lacking when compared to Google and Microsoft. Amazon is great when dealing with customers and their clients’ needs, but I think they need to develop their smart data further. For example, the Amazon mail they are trying to begin, where they can deliver the package right to your door by drone is incredible. I think if Amazon begins to develop their software to make their products smarter than their competitors, they will dominate in all industries.

  2. Natasha’s article about Amazon introducing a new SQL platform was very interesting as I did not even know that Amazon provided a SQL platform in the first place. The article states that Amazon plans to introduce a new version of their software called PostgreSQL for its cloud customers. While reading the article I was very impressed with Amazon’s ability to spot which of their services needs improvements and are quick to make those improvements. Amazon is already a leader in the consumer discretionary sector because of their Prime services and easy accessibility for their users. By constantly changing their services and improving their software and programs they are able to say a top competitor. Amazon’s goal is to provide a less pricey alternative compared to its competition or even its own service, MySQL. By offering a lower price and an easy to use interface for the average customer, Amazon is able to do much better than their competitors Oracle and Microsoft.
    In addition to creating a new SQL platform Amazon is also expected to announce a more flexible option for its basic cloud computing service. The article pointed out that Amazon needed to offer more powerful machine learning capabilities for it’s could customers. As we have seen from our class and previous blog posts, cloud computing is becoming more and more popular in all businesses. It is partiality crucial in Amazon’s business as they are constantly trying to compete with other cloud services that their competitors like Apple and Google provide. Their aim is to constantly provide updates to their cloud service and cut prices for their customers. I feel that this will be revolutionary as for a company like Amazon cloud pace is not costly however; they often charge customers an absurd fee to use the cloud. By reducing their prices they will be able to continue expanding their cloud service.
    I think it is incredible that Amazon is able to provide so many different services, and is the fastest- growing service in history. If Amazon continues to expand and provide more and more services they will definitely continue to be a leader in technology.

  3. There is no denying that Amazon is one of the world’s leading technology-driven companies. Their advanced software and innovative database enables Amazon to be more customer oriented in terms of offering suggested items and rapid delivery dates. Amazon’s new idea of PostgreSQL an open-source database is a brilliant business tactic, in my opinion, because not only is it intended to be easier to use than Amazon’s prior databases, but it will push Amazon even further above its leading competitors such as Microsoft and Oracle. Furthermore, I believe this new and improved SQL database will sell to smaller firms that are looking to improve their day-to-day business operations.
    In regards to Amazon’s product, Alexa, I know first-hand that Amazon could improve on many of its features. For example, any time anyone in my house says something similar to “Alexa,” the Echo will go off and say “Sorry, I didn’t quite get that”. In this situation, I feel as if companies such as Microsoft and Apple offer products that have better voice recognition software in which this problem would be less occasional. Additionally, another aspect of Alexa that could be improved is a visual aspect. I think it would be interesting for the product to have a small screen where the user could read the recipe instead of hearing the recipe or watch a music video instead of just hearing the song being played. However, with this being said, I have no doubt that Amazon will continue to improve on their products and advance in the world of technology.

  4. Nikki's response to Amazon's Road to Leading the Tech Market is a very interesting and intuitive critique to a product and company that I didn't know much about. It is no surprise that Amazon is a leader in their industry but the fact that they are trying to become a dominating corporation in many areas of expertise is astonishing. For starters I actually didn't even know that Amazon had their own SQL platform, Posgre. What is good about Posgre is that it is a user-friendly program that can help customers with little SQL knowledge write code. In my opinion this is a great idea and I believe it would be a great product to use to help teach a beginner class on SQL, and would be great for small businesses to incorporate into their companies. I believe that with the updates that are coming to Amazon’s Posgre platform it will provide them with a more competitive product. This SQL product will help them compete with big powerhouse companies such as Microsoft and Oracle which currently rule the market share. This product does concern me though; it could be too basic of a platform for the majority of consumers. I believe that by Amazon expanding their areas of expertise that they will become a very dominant company in the world. It’s exciting to see all of the ventures that they are getting into.



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